Enoki / Shiraiwa Laboratory (Reliable Materials Engineering)

Evaluation technology to sustain safety and reliability

Our principal activities are concentrated on the mechanical reliability to keep integrity of advanced materials and devices. Performance of materials is predicted based on both physical model and data driven approach. Structural heath monitoring techniques and nondestructive evaluation methods are developed, and especially acoustic emission (AE) method is investigated to evaluate processes of material fabrication and deformation/microfracture.

Latest News
Apr. 25, 2022 Mr. Ito(B4), Mr. Kurono(B4), Mr. Matsuoka(B4), Mr. Yasuda(B4) joined our group.
Oct. 1, 2021 Mr. Qarooni(Research Student), Ms. Shen(M1) joined our group.
Apr. 12, 2021 Mr. Kinjo(B4), Mr. Kuriki(B4), Mr. Yatagai(B4) joined our group.
Mar. 31, 2021 Mr. Kato won JSAE Graduate School Research Award.
Jan. 21, 2021 Mr. Junyu(D1) joined our group.
Sep. 30, 2020 Mr. Briffod won The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials The Best Paper Award.
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